Alain Godon at the Matisse Museum

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Place du Commandant-​Richez — 59360 Le Cateau-​Cambrésis, France

Matisse – Godon; New York – Tahiti; Archi­tec­ture of Dreams

14th Octo­ber 2017 to 18th March 2018

The Matisse Depart­men­tal Museum of Le Cateau-​Cambrésis reg­u­larly extends exhi­bi­tion invi­ta­tions to con­tem­po­rary artists to rein­ject life into its own col­lec­tions and to offer a res­onat­ing and con­trast­ing per­spec­tive of the works of Matisse with Herbin, Miro, Cha­gall, Gia­cometti.
This year the museum has given Alain Godon free rein on the theme of and the impor­tance of travel in Matisse’s work. Travel can come in dif­fer­ent guises. There is of course phys­i­cal travel, such as the trip from New York to Tahiti under­taken by Matisse in 1930, but it also extends to the path­ways taken in his artis­tic jour­ney and to excur­sions into his dream world, into “new cos­mic spaces”. The trip to Tahiti, which under­pins this exhi­bi­tion, played a vital role in Matisse’s life, notably giv­ing rise a few years later to the cre­ation of his paper cut-​outs.

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Alain Godon learned to draw at the side of his archi­tect uncle in the Nord-​Pas-​de-​Calais region and then tried his luck on the streets of Paris as a graphic artist and pro­po­nent of street art. Con­tin­u­ing his pic­to­r­ial jour­ney to Eng­land and return­ing to France at the end of the eight­ies, he is devel­op­ing a dis­tinct affin­ity with urban architecture.

Such a big dreamer retain­ing a child’s view of the world, Alain Godon pro­duces paint­ings that may appear sim­ple but are in fact far more com­plex. They divulge a very indi­vid­ual uni­verse, for those who plunge in, dis­clos­ing minute accounts of the quo­tid­ian, reveal­ing a sin­gu­lar imag­i­na­tion shared with Matisse of the desire to bring joy and happiness.

Set­ting out to uncover a rite of pas­sage under­taken 77 years ear­lier by the grand mas­ter, Henri Matisse, Godon too takes us with him into his “Archi­tec­ture of Dreams”.

This exhi­bi­tion wishes to acknowl­edge the sup­port of the Départe­ment du Nord in mak­ing the Matisse Depart­men­tal Museum a priv­i­leged envi­ron­ment of dis­cov­ery and encounter, open­ing its doors to the world and mak­ing a con­tri­bu­tion to the region’s appeal.

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