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The great sculp­tor Brân­cuşi used to say that what really made sense in art was joy. That you do not need to under­stand: only that what you see should make you happy. That is all ! We at the galerie Milani feel the same, that wher­ever there is joy, there is cre­ation, and that the richer the cre­ation, the greater the joy. Wel­come to the web­site of our gallery at Le Touquet.

Huiles sur toile

Oils on canvas





Epreuves Prestige

Pres­tige edi­tion prints

Le Tou­quet, home port

Acap­ti­vat­ing painter is a cap­ti­vated painter. And cap­ti­vated Alain Godon is, by Le Tou­quet. Even though today he finds him­self based on the banks of the Thames, the ties that bind him to Le Tou­quet remain as strong as ever. With exhi­bi­tions in its Museum and the annu­all Trophée Alain Godon fes­ti­val, the town of Le Tou­quet has taken whole­heart­edly to this buc­ca­neer with his long brushes from fur­ther north and his immense tal­ent. And it is this long-​standing friend­ship that has turned our gallery into the home base for the body of works that has defined his bril­liant career.

In the press

  • .. Impos­si­ble to pass by Godon’s paint­ings,
    a uni­verse full of joy, in sparkling colors…”

    Jacques Anselm
  • .. A dif­fer­ent kind of paint­ing, excit­ingly fresh and spontaneous…”

    Isabelle Dupras
  • .. can­vases of an inno­cent beauty and a daz­zling presence…”

    Isabelle Dupras

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Open from Fri­day to Mon­day out­side school hol­i­days and from Thurs­day to Tues­day dur­ing schools hol­i­days or by prior appoint­ment.
Phone:(+33) 3 21 05 40 00
12, avenue du verger — Le Tou­quet — France
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